ImmiCo. consultation background

We offer consulting and advisory services to companies and individuals in the area of residence, employment, business, family reunification, housing, health insurance, education and other areas of foreigners in the territory of the Slovak Republic.

If you do not know how to proceed in a specific case, what steps to take to legalize the stay of a foreigner, what obligations you have towards the authorities of the Slovak Republic, we will be happy to provide you with the necessary information.

During the consultation, you will receive bespoke guidance from one of our immigration specialists. It is opportunity to discuss your case and receive detailed information about all the options. We will also help you understand the process, necessary documents, costs, and estimated processing times.

here is what you can expect during your immigration consultation:

For your convenience, the consultation can take place either in person, by phone, by email, online – Zoom.

If you need advice, contact us and we will propose a tailor-made solution.

Fee: 90 € / hour 

*Our company does not provide legal advice. ImmiCo. s.r.o. does not provide services according to Act no. 586/2003 Coll. about advocacy. In the event that legal advice is needed by our clients as part of our activity, we turn to our partner law firms, which are authorized to provide these services, in order to fulfill their legal advise needs.

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